What to say about Kamelot that real fan doesn't already know,but for all those who doesn't know much about them, here are some informations:

  Kamelot was founded in 1992 by guitarist Thomas  Youngblood and drummer/school mate Richard Warner in Tampa ,Florida,but they recorded their first album – Eternity  in 1995, then in 1996 they recorded second album –Dominion.This album had even more success than the first,Kamelot become promising band.After that, they started to record third album Siege Perilous and the touring was upon,but drummer Richard and singer Mark Vanderbilt could not tour and they left the band in 1997,so now,there was a search for the new drummer and on that place came Casey Grillo, also they have to find new singer and that’s the time when Roy Sætre Khantatat-Khan (born  and live in Norway,former Conception singer) came in the band,than they recorded Siege Perilous and went touring.
  On all next albums(The Fourth Legacy,Karma,Epica,Black Halo and Ghost Opera)Roy and Thom was working together and that work was tremendous and magical.Beside Thom ,Roy and Grillo, other band members are Glenn Barry(bass) and Oliver Palotai(keyboards).